Acerbi Power S.r.l. is a B-to-B Technology Trading company covering the professional world market .
Acerbi Power S.r.l. consists of two operating activities:
– Reselling electronic systems and equipment dedicated to the Test & Measurement market for Italian market.
– Acerbi power S.r.l. with our partners in the A-powergroup develops and manufactures AC Current generator up to 40KA, AC source, AC load, bidirectional power supply with regenerator in grid and battery simulators up to 1200V. High levels of quality, extensive experience and high flexibility have led us to be a leader in the field of instrumentation power. The combination of heavy duty power electronics and IGBT technology along with an advanced digital controllers, a comprehensive management software, is what makes A-powergroup unique in this field. Our customers are manufacturers of MCCB (switches) and companies using inverter and batteries in large scale as well as research laboratories working at new green technologies and hybrid / electric driving solutions. Wherever MCCB (switches) are produced or used, A-powergroup represents the state of the art for production line, quality laboratory test and R & D. With the continuous development of systems and techniques for inverter and motor testing that A-powergroup is regarded as a competent partner for both inverter manufacturers and consumers. A-powergrop has acquired an excellent reputation because its equipment is tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements. In addition to the standard equipment the product range has expanded with a custom projects.