Current Generator

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Static “AC” current sources GI series From 600VA to 300KVA  and from 50A to 50KA allow to obtain a clean source of alternating current , isolated and totally independent from the load and line fluctuations.

Four quadrants operation for delivery or absorption
Sinusoidal or arbitrary waveforms
Current iniection on load
Current iniection or absorption on line or any external power source

They are precision instruments designed for the stringent demands of development labs and for the flexibility of automatic and manual test equipments.

The GI series current generators are constituted by a power section and a highly flexible and sophisticated microprocessor control, which makes simple and intuitive use, suitable the most diverse and demanding applications.
The measures of the main electrical parameters provided by the machines themselves, they allow a considerable reduction of costs and spaces in working environments.
The standard equipment of a keyboard, graphic display and encoder allows a clear and simple set and read of output variables.

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