AC Current Generator series up to 40KA

“AC” Current sources static, series GI allow to obtain a source of alternating current clean, isolated from the network and totally independent from fluctuations of load and power supply.

They are precision instruments and designed for both the stringent requirements of the development labs and for the flexibility of manual and automatic test lines.

The current generators GI series are constituted by a power section that provides supply current and by a section of microprocessor control, highly flexible and sophisticated, which makes the simple and intuitive use, suitable for the most varied and demanding applications.


General specifications of the current generators:


  • Output frequencyvariablefrom 40 to 200Hz
  • Dispensing times from1mSto ∞
  • Stepprogrammingup to 30steps
  • Generation ofdipsfrom1mS
  • Rampsup and downboth linear andexponential
  • Angle settingfor the current generation
  • Synchronizationwith the network,external and free
  • Settingthe phase shift with respectto the trigger
  • Repeatin a loopof the stepsset
  • Generatingreportsof the measurements
  • Operationamplifier (BOOSTER)
  • Pause resumeMeasurements provided by the generators:
  • Output Current
  • Timeofdelivery
  • output voltage
  • power Provided
  • power factorof the load applied
  • Strengthof the applied load
  • Complex impedanceof the load applied


Verification equipment as:
switches, circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, relays, contactors, sliding contacts, connectors, plugs and sockets, cables, rods, complex equipment

According to: EN60947 EN60898 EN50550 EN50557 EN61008 EN61009 EN62423

Calibration and testing of instrumentation such as:
ammeters, watt meters, meters, current transformers, protection relays


4 Quadrant High-Performance AC Current generator up 40KA mono & three phase 

GI series AC Current generator 4 Quadrant
Large range of standard AC Current generator designed for general-purpose

Static Current generator “AC” series GI allow a clean source of AC current, isolated from the line and totally independent of load fluctuations and the input power.

Are precision instruments and designed for both the stringent demands of development labs and for the flexibility of automatic and manual test lines.

Consisting of a power section that provides power supply and a microprocessor control section, highly flexible and sophisticated, it makes the simple and intuitive use, suitable for many demanding applications.

Measured parameters provided by key generator, allowing considerable cost reduction and spaces in the workplace.

Standard equipment includes a keyboard, graphical display and encoder allows a clear and easy setting and reading variables


The current sources can be equipped with more range, up to three, to increase accuracy and to supply the maximum power to various full scale
General Features:
Power supply 230V or 400V 3P, 50 / 60Hz depending on the power size
Realization rack or table built for small and medium powers, cabinet for big powers
Isolation between output and ground 500Vrms
Range of powers available from 600VA to 500KVA


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