CST EM STUDIO® – Providing a wide range of 3D Simulators for low frequency applications

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M. Wiesmüller, B. Glaser, F. Fuchs, and O. Sterz: Dielectric Breakdown Simulations of an OLTC in a Transformer, COMPEL, Issue #4, Vol 33, July 2014

CST EM STUDIO® (CST EMS) allows customers to select from electrostatic, magnetostatic, stationary current flow, and frequency and time domain solvers, for static and low frequency applications. CST EMS solvers can be included in a multi-physics design flow via CST MPHYSICS STUDIO® (CST MPS). Results can be transferred from one solver to another in order to simulate coupled problems.

The electrostatics field solver is useful for a wide range of static or quasistatic applications like high voltage devices, or capacitors of any kind.

The magnetostatics field solver is a very fast alternative to the low frequency solver.
It is mostly used when eddy currents are not important or when materials have a non linear characteristic. Additionally an automated impedance calculation is available.

The stationary current solver is mainly used to compute current distributions in lossy materials. In a second step these field distributions can be used for a magnetostatics computation.

The low frequency domain solver is best suited to problems with non-negligible losses. Eddy currents, loss densities and energy densities can be calculated in addition to the electric and magnetic fields. The solver also contains an option to consider wave propagation in a device, allowing the displacement current to be calculated.

The low frequency time domain solver allows nonlinear effects to be incorporated in low frequency simulations.


CST EM STUDIO® (CST EMS) is dedicated to the simulation of static and low frequency devices. Embedded in the same CST user interface, CST EMS features a variety of solver module to tackle electrostatics, magnetostatics, current flow and low frequency problems, and can be coupled to other CST STUDIO SUITE® modules for charged particle and multiphysics simulations.

Applications include: actuators, brakes, EMC, generators, motors, sensors, transformers measurement instrumentation, and shielding effects.


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